Andy Ruiz Jr. Gets To Pick Where Rematch Is Not Anthony Joshua

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Andy Ruiz Jr. is the champion and he, and he alone should get to pick the location of the rematch. Anthony Joshua is not the Heavyweight Champion of the World and should have no say whatsoever where the rematch will happen. Ruiz Jr. earned that right by putting A.J. on his ass over and over again. The conceit and utter gull Joshua is showing highlights his denial of the fact that he is the loser here.

Andy did not get my endorsement after the win, because I felt he acted more like he was from Mexico instead of the fact he is an American Champion. That kind of rubbed me wrong when he played the Mexican National Anthem along side the American one. The man was born in America and is not the first Mexican Heavyweight to hold the belt. Mexico will only be able to make that claim when someone born there wins the belt. As of now, between Ruiz Jr. and Wilder, all of the meaningful heavyweight belts reside in America now.

Unless Joshua had it in the contract of the mandatory rematch clause that he can also pick the location, then Andy gets to pick it. If it wasn’t in the contract, and I doubt it was, then I bet all contracts from champions going forward will add that clause. This rematch should not be in the U.K. and it damn sure should not be in Mexico. I am hoping that Andy sees this and values the country is was born in and make the fight happen here.

I don’t believe that Andy will hold on to the title for very long. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong again. I do not see how he can beat Deontay Wilder. However, I have been screaming for years that Anthony Joshua was a paper champion and I’m sure Andy will have no trouble in the rematch. The first fight was fun to watch and none of us will ever forget round three. But, truth be told, I’m hoping Andy Ruiz Jr. can embrace his country and be proud that he is an American Champion. He can still win me over if he understands what it means to be American and be proud of it.

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