Tariffs Should Be Used To Pay Off National Debt

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Now that we are in a trade war with China, we should take 100% of the money collected with Tariffs and pay down the national debt. Nobody is really talking about debt. The Republican Party who once championed paying down our debt completely abandons that when they are in power. They seem to only give a damn about it when they can blame the spending on the Democrats. But we all know it is both parties and in particular, the Baby Boomer Generation who is about to leave the Earth with crushing debt.

If the U.S. Treasury is going to be flush with Chinese tariffs, then that is a money stream we did not have before. If we don’t use this money to pay off our debt, then we never will. We could kill two birds with one stone. We can bring China to heel and pay off our debt with tariffs. It is a win-win all around for America but I have not heard this idea floated anywhere. We would have to restructure how tariffs are done, but we could turn this into a real revenue stream if done right.

China acts more like an ongoing criminal enterprise rather than a 21st Century civilized nation. If we juxtaposed China’s behavior next to our RICO laws, they would make Cosa Nostra look like kids play. President Trump is right by taking them on. It is long overdue. For too long our leaders created this problem with China and allowed them to build their country to the number two spot economically. We’ve let them act like gangsters for far too long.

We have to restructure the way the tariffs are done now and make it where the money actually flows into the Treasury as a real thing. The free traders who hate tariffs are wrong and they have been for decades the problem. Trumponomics has I would like to call it, is the true path forward, the free traders that got us in this pickle are not the people that will help us turn this around. Now that the trade war has officially started, let’s crush these bastards and win this thing once and for all.

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