Revisiting HBO’s The Sopranos Series

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With news of a prequel on the way, I thought it would be prudent to revisit HBO’s The Sopranos. I was excited to hear that there was a new Sopranos’ movie on the way. The Sopranos TV show aired on HBO from 1999 to 2007. The show garnered many prizes including twenty-one Emmys, five Golden Globes and two Peabody Awards. It was and is considered the show that changed television forever.

I was intrigued when I heard that James Gandolfini’s son Michael Gandolfini would play his father’s historic character as a young man in the upcoming movie. Being a huge Sopranos fan, I thought it would be interesting to re-watch the entire series and see if the show still holds up over the years. I wanted to know whether or not it was as great as my mind’s eye remembered it. In the new world of binge-watching, it was now possible to take this trip down memory lane.

Excited to take this journey I pulled up the series on Hulu and watched the first pilot episode. After watching that, a show created before 9/11, I realized immediately, that this was going to be a fun thing to do. It was clear this show still stood up to Father Time. Not in the history of television has there ever been a better first show. Right away, I knew that I was re-watching nothing short of greatness, just like I remembered.

Watching the series was like going back into a time capsule. It was an America before 9/11 and a country in which its surveillance state was still in its infancy. This was the world before smartphones. This was the world of beepers and flip phones. It was a show that transpired during the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq War. The show touched upon these subjects but did not dwell into that dark past. Instead, it concentrated on the dark world of the Mafia and all that came with it.

At the end of my journey through time, I realized this might have been the best show ever made. The writing was spectacular. The acting was spot on and nothing short of amazing. Outside of season five, which was an unmitigated disaster, the entire series was by any measure, extraordinary. I look forward to the prequel that will hit the movie theaters on Sept. 25, 2020. I highly recommend, that you the reader, go and re-watch the show in preparation for the upcoming prequel. You will catch so much stuff that you might have missed the first time around. I know I did.

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