Mayor Pete Is A Way Better Choice Than Biden

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Mayor Pete knocked it out of the park last night in his Fox Town Hall. He provides the greatest contrast to go up against President Trump. Yet, incredulously the Democrat Party is trying to lock in Joe Biden, which would ignite every Obama hater to go to the polls. Mayor Pete covers so many groups of voters to pull from. Military families, devout Christians, and the LGBT community to boot. I’ve never seen someone who can tie all these groups together. His whole town hall ended with a standing ovation and that was on Fox News.

With all that being said, the Democrat Party is doing a repeat of the 2016 election and pushing their inevitable candidate. It did not work with Hillary and it will not work for Biden. I don’t see any groups of people on the streets clamoring for Joe Biden, yet, just like last time, the press, and the pollsters are busy telling you only Biden can beat Trump.

Ironically, no matter who the Democrat Party puts up against Trump, they will win. There is no way on Earth Trump can win again. He barely got in last time and just by the smallest of margins. He has lost so many of us who supported him, that there is no way in Hell this guy can win in 2020. So the Democrat Party can put up someone that reflects more of them and reflects more of the current era. Yet, in the middle of the #MeToo Movement, they are ignoring their women and they keep pushing some white old man down everyone’s throat, who has been part of the problem in D.C. for decades.

This is a catastrophic, mind-bending, mistake that the elites are doing in the Democrat Party and elsewhere. Once the people vote, it won’t look like what the polls are telling you today. A Joe Biden solution to Donald Trump will only ignite the people on the right that spent eight years fighting Obama and Biden and or it will just make people who are disappointed in Trump stay home on election day. The whole thing is asinine.

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