Democrats On Fool’s Errand With Biden

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Somehow the Democrat Party has got in their collective heads that Joe Biden is going to be their savior. Clearly, his former boss does not think so, Obama won’t endorse him, but the elites in the party sure do think Joe is their guy. Joe Biden is a walking gaffe machine, otherwise known as a joke. The man has already started his bizarre routine with the 2020 presidential run.

Apparently, Joe has been getting calls from dead people. He just recently told us that Margaret Thatcher called him complaining about President Trump. When people had to tell Joe that Margaret has been dead since 2013 and that was long before Trump ran for the presidency, Joe then said that he meant Theresa May. There are countless YouTube videos online that show one gaffe after the other from this man. Clearly, he can’t help himself, so why do some elites think Joe can beat Trump?

It looks like the party wants to do a Hillary Clinton all over again. They want to push Joe on to everyone and make it look like he is the inevitable one. We saw this with Hillary’s coronation. However, the people had something else to say when they went to the ballot box. It is happening all over again. The Democrat Party is pushing some white old man down everyone’s throats and then when the voting actually happens, you will once again see the disconnect between the party elites and the voting public.

If you look up the term fool’s errand you will see words like foolish, nonsensical and fruitless. Wikipedia says, “A fool’s errand is a type of practical joke or prank where a newcomer to a group, typically in a professional context, is given an impossible or nonsensical task by older or more experienced members of the group.” Before it gets too late and we get stuck with another fours years of Trump because the Democrat Party is so dysfunctional, just read the words of Wikipedia and ask yourself, what the hell are we doing with this man who thinks he is getting phone calls from the dead? Is this the person to beat Donald Trump? No, the answer is no!

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