Anthony Joshua Finds Every Reason Not To Fight Wilder Or Ortiz

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Anthony Joshua can hardly be considered the Heavyweight Champion of The World. For many years now AJ has found every reason under the sun not to fight America’s two best heavyweights. Year after year AJ waits for the two best heavyweights in the world to grow old. He has already avoided the men in their prime and now after their collective primes, AJ still won’t fight these men.

Joshua coming over to make his American debut has been nothing but a joke from jump street. He first tried to come over the Atlantic Ocean to fight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller who by any measure is an overweight easy win for AJ. Even Fury has said that he dropped Miller seven times in sparring. Then, when Miller turns out to be a cheater cheater pumpkin eater doing prohibited drugs, AJ still runs from Deontay Wilder and Luis King Kong Ortiz. King Kong’s only loss was to Wilder, these are the two best heavyweights in the world. The whole idea that Anthony Joshua is the true Heavyweight Champ is absurd.

AJ could have delayed his American debut, he has avoided America for years, so what would have been the problem with waiting a little longer to fight the real American Heavyweights? Well, the problem for AJ would have been his first loss to his professional record. There is too much money to be made stretching out his career fighting people he knows he can beat.

In the movie Rocky 3, Rock complains to Mickey that he has been carrying him. Rocky said that he would have rather lost the belt right away, rather than have his championship be based on a lie. Well, the difference here is, AJ knows he is being carried and he is going along with it. It is terrible for the sport of boxing, that in its resurgence and new Golden Age, that the Heavyweight Division does not display the best fighting the best. And there is one man to blame in the end. The undeniable blame lays with the gloves of Anthony Joshua.

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