Why Do We Want A President Of Whom Nobody Follows Orders?

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Whether you are a supporter of President Trump or not, why do we want him, if his staff does not listen to him? Having a president that people do not follow his orders seems counterproductive for us as citizens. One person after the other, from multiple agencies, get orders from the president and then the person getting the order decides not to do what he says.

Trump is so unstable in the eyes of the people that work for him, that they won’t do what he tells them to do. Clearly, this is a problem. If the guy is so nuts that all sorts of people do things on their own, maybe it is time to vote this man out? It seems kind of dangerous that we have governmental employees running around and making their own decision on what orders they abide by and which ones they ignore.

This phenomenon even extends to Trump as Commander and Chief. We had the first Secretary of Defence get all sorts of orders from Trump, and then hang up the phone and look at his people, and he tells them that we’re not going to do any of that. Imagine the problems that this kind of insanity can create. We are clearly in unprecedented territory.

So how do we get out of this Mad Hatters Convention? Well, we vote President Donald J. Trump out and we send him back to the Real Estate Industry. Now, I’m saying this as a former Trump supporter. It is the people like me who supported this man from the beginning that was betrayed. It is us that have to make the difference at the ballot box. Trump barely got the job in 2016 by so few votes in a few key states. It won’t take many of us to tip the scale the other way in 2020.

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