The Blazing Hypocrisy Of Bernie Sanders

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Watching the Fox News Town Hall with Bernie Sanders was quite entertaining. Seeing Sanders dance between the semantical raindrops was priceless. Observing the man who has vilified millionaires for years, explain that he is now a millionaire too, was political catnip. The old man did not look comfortable in his millionaire skin.

So how did Sanders do overall? I could not help but picture him and Trump on a debate stage. What seemed to illuminate itself right in front of my eyes, was the fact that Bernie would make Trump look like a child on stage. In no way could Trump hold up to the heat Sanders would rain down on him. But, watching two old men argue on stage about the future of this nation, is not my hope for the 2020 election. It is their generation that bankrupted America and will be leaving us with unpayable debt. I feel it is time, or even overdue, for a generational change.

Bernie is the only politician I have ever sent money to. I sent him that money in the 2016 election and later regretted it. I felt betrayed that Bernie did not stick up for himself against the DNC and Clinton who was rolling right over him in that primary. When he stood on the stage with Hillary, he said I don’t give a damn about your emails. Well, I was stunned! First, I and tens of millions of people gave a damn about those deleted emails. But what turned me off, was that was the moment to go for the jugular and he did not have it in him.

I don’t plan to reward Bernie for his cowardliness when he went head to head with Hillary Clinton last time. This time around he does not get my money or my support in the Democrat Primary. However, I did get my rocks off swimming in political schadenfreude watching Bernie hold onto his book royalties that made him a millionaire, rather than exercising his Democratic Socialism that he wants the rest of us to live by.

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