Brutal Review Of CNN Town Hall Marathon

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For politicos like myself, a five-hour town hall marathon during the primary season of a presidential election is catnip. I mean, it really doesn’t get better than that. I watched all five and came with an open mind. I wanted to see who said what. I was curious to see who would stand out or win the night. It is not just about their policies or what they believe in. It is also how they say it, what they look like saying it and how they carry their arguments.

Amy Klobuchar started off the night and was very impressive. She is clearly one of the smartest people running for the Democrat nomination. Amy is also one of the most pragmatic politicians. She never falls for the flavor of the day. She did not bow down to the Green New Deal or free college. In fact, Amy rejects many of the ideas that are coming out of the Democrat Party this election cycle. I find Amy to be genuine, smart and is extremely qualified to be this nation’s first woman president.

Elizabeth Warren is such a phony. Everything about that woman is fake and calculated. On the stage last night she came across like she always does, she was a fabricated political avatar. There is something very wrong with this woman. The entire episode of what Liz went through with the American Indian thing disqualifies her for the presidency. The woman should not be in the Senate nor should she be allowed to run a hot dog stand.

Bernie Sanders was his usual self with his decade’s old views of Democrat Socialism. But last night Bernie took it a step further by claiming people should be able to vote from their prison cells. That thought is so far out of the norm of the American voter, that it sparked a freezy online with people commenting on the nuttiness of his idea. Watching the Fox News Town Hall with Bernie Sanders was quite entertaining. Seeing Sanders dance between the semantical raindrops was priceless. Observing the man who has vilified millionaires for years, explain that he is now a millionaire too, was so entertaining. The old man did not look comfortable in his millionaire skin. His CNN Town Hall was no different.

Kamala Harris did horrible. There is one reason above all why Kamala will never be the first woman president. Her voice is so annoying, so accusatory and nails on a chalkboard, that this nation will never make her president and listen to that voice every day for four years. She just does not come across as a nice person. Being caught telling lies about listening to music that did not exist at the time while she claimed she was smoking pot shows what a fake she is. You don’t have to go any further than her own father’s public admonishment to come to a conclusion on Kamala Harris.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg or Mayor Pete as he likes to be called, won the night. Hands down he had the best town hall of the entire night. Mayor Pete is the perfect person to put up against President Trump. The contract between Trump’s buffoonery and Pete’s gravitas is so profound, that if the Democrat Party ran him, it would be a political landslide win for the Democrats in 2020. There is nothing that came out of CNN’s Town Hall Marathon that was more clear. Pete Buttigieg is the best bet for the Democrat Party to win back the White House. No more Baby Boomers!

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