Trump Is Right About John McCain

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President Trump was wrong about John McCain the soldier, but he is right about John McCain the politician. Everyone was offended when during the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump said those horrible comments about being a prisoner of war. However, what he said over this last weekend about John McCain and his dirty little secret about the dossier was spot on.

Ken Starr, the independent counsel who investigated Bill Clinton, called the dossier, “a very dark stain” against McCain in an interview Saturday on Fox News. He also called McCain “a great man” and “an American hero” as well. The truth is both these things can be true at the same time. While we can celebrate John’s heroism during the Vietnam War, there is nothing wrong whatsoever at looking at McCain as a politician and what he did in that role.

The fact the John McCain spent his last days on Earth going around and trying to undermine Donald Trump is sad. It reeks of tremendous bitterness and I agree with Ken Starr, that this was a stain on John’s legacy. It was the only stain, John had many. I would argue, that overall, that McCain’s effect on American politics was a negative thing. However, he did do some good. John’s thumbs down moment, that killed the repeal and replace of Obamacare, saved healthcare for over thirty million people. Trump and the Republicans put together, what I would call, an evil healthcare bill, that was nothing like what Trump promised while campaigning for the presidency.

Everyone who was involved with this American presidential coup of 2016 should be held accountable. Every single person that sign and vouched for the FISA warrant, that started this whole thing, should be held accountable. Every FISA judge that agreed to this or did nothing when it came to light that the dossier was a fraud should pay for their involvement as well. The highest people in our government during the Obama Administration were all involved with the biggest scandal in the history of this nation. While the mainstream press ignores this reality, some of us cannot ignore that John McCain had a role in this madness too.

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