Sounds of NASA Goddard’s Robotic Operations Center

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The sounds you hear come from three sprightly robots: a robotic arm, motion platform and an industrial robot called Motoman SIA20D. They were recorded in Goddard’s Robotic Operations Center. Story: With commentary:

The Robotic Operations Center (ROC) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is full of whirring and buzzing machines that share a purpose: to help robots get ready for space.

The ROC acts as an incubator for robotic development. The lab, which is about the size of a school gymnasium, is lined with long black curtains that, when the lights are turned off, simulate the darkness of space. The entire facility is designed to imitate how robots will look, move and work in space.

Credit: Produced at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center by Katie Atkinson


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