Credibility : Time For Mass Firings Across Media Landscape

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The credibility of a free press is what is on the line here. Only a crazed maniac would still believe in the integrity of our so-called free press. In the last three years plus, the mainstream media has utterly destroyed its own credibility. Watching the self-implosion happen in real time over the last few years has been a master class of political science of what not to do or how to destroy a republic.

For three years almost everything the mainstream media has reported has been flat out wrong. Everything from the primaries, and the general election, to the president being a Russian spy has been fallacious. The spurious news coverage the world has witnessed in the last three plus years has been breathtaking. Trump hatred and liberal bias have run rampant across the media landscape. We just witnessed a stampede of media ignorance bleed out and over of our TVs, smartphones, and computers.

Nothing short of mass firing across the media will bring back any credibility whatsoever for generations to come. Every single familiar face on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN, on each hour, of every day, needs to be let go, they need to be fired. In no way is this shameful period of media limited to just those stations, but it is a start. Even some people on Fox News needs to go. All of these media scamps that have had a hand in the destruction of the First Amendment need to pay the ultimate price in their profession, they need to be blackballed immediately.

What other profession can you be that wrong, that many times, and still keep your job? Even the weatherman is right half the time. What consists of our mainstream press today is nothing but a shadow of what the press used to be in this nation. But who is kidding who? There will be no firings. There will be no apologies. There will be no accountability. And because of that, there will be no more trust of the media in my lifetime. The short of the long is this, we don’t believe the press, they truly became fake news.

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