Nancy Pelosi Is, In Fact, Unlikeable

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Nancy Pelosi Is In Fact Unlikeable

This concept floated lately that saying a woman is unlikeable is somehow a dog whistle of misogyny has one big flaw in it. The problem is women who are actually unlikeable. Kind of strange this theory has surfaced with the example of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party losing the White House over this very issue. The timing does seem odd in the face of the greatest example of an unlikeable woman with the former Secretary of State.

We all know unlikeable women and in our American culture, we have countless examples on TV or in the movies of women simply not likable. If Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow or Meryl Streep is not unlikeable than there is no such thing. However, they are unlikeable, and they do in fact exist, and everyone knows it.

Women do not corner the unlikeable realm, plenty of men are clearly unlikeable too. Certainly pointing out unlikeable men can’t possibly be misogynistic, so where does this crazy theory come from? If President Obama, Adam Schiff or William Devane are not unlikeable then once again, there is no such thing.

Just look at the memes of Chuck and Nancy after their Democrat response of Trump’s Oval Office Address. Watch the video of that and see that unlikeable knows no gender. Looking at Joy Behar one might be able to make the argument that one sex can be more unlikable than the other, but then we see Don Lemon on CNN and know gender is not apropos when it comes to unlikeability.

It is time for all people to proclaim the undeniable and inescapable truth. Nancy Pelosi is the poster girl for unlikeability. Nancy is like a superhero villain whose power is to project such unlikability towards a person, that they run from politics altogether. Pelosi is democracy’s kryptonite because she is unlikeable.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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