Baby Boomers To Blame For Shutdown

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Baby Boomers To Blame For Shutdown

Some people blame the left, some the right, for the shutdown, but they’d all be wrong. In truth, it does not matter whether it is a Democrat or a Republican because it is generational. These old people running our government are the latest plight the Boomers have rained down on the rest of us.

Watching Donald, Chuck and Nancy have hissy fits over something as simple as a wall is beyond ridiculous, it is disgusting. The Baby Boomer generation has destroyed every single thing they ever had their hands on. Every institution from marriage to education to government, the Boomers have destroyed all of it for future generations.

They have bankrupted our nation and are still piling up a trillion dollars of more debt each year. They are by any measure and metric the most destructive force or generation this world has ever produced. Now, nearly a million people are being forced to work without pay. The Boomers do not care, they made their money raping and pillaging our capitalist system. The Baby Boomers morphed our capitalist way of life into some self-serving hybrid of trickle-down pain.

This government shutdown is another self-imposed crisis that is more of a symptom of the Boomers, rather than a real problem. Until this generation has passed on to the ashbin of history, the rest of us will have to suffer. The Baby Boomers will not give up power, in fact, they will hold onto it until their last breath. You only have to look at the examples of John McCain or Ted Kennedy, these people will not step down, not even to die.

The press needs to call this the Baby Boomer Shutdown and stop being an arm of the Democrat Party. But who am I kidding, that generation destroyed the free press in America. Our government, ran by this deranged generation, is consciously and willingly hurting its own people. They do not think twice about it, they don’t blink an eye. History will show and record, that in the end, that we were consumed by monsters.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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