George W. Bush Remembers His Father

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When George H.W. Bush lies in state this week, he will be the 12th president to do so.

The 41st president died on Nov. 30 at his home in Houston at the age of 94. His body will arrive Monday in Washington, D.C., where he will lie in the Capitol rotunda for three days, giving the public a chance to mourn. Bush will then be transported back to Texas for another service and his burial.

Presidential funerals are planned far in advance, and the family receives help from the military to coordinate the events.

Read on for a look at some of the traditions created from past presidential funerals and how they’ve been handled over the years.

Out of the five presidents who have died in the past 30 years – including Bush – only one did not have a state funeral.

President Richard Nixon was remembered at a service at his library in California before he was buried next to his wife, according to the White House Historical Association. His family thought visitors to the Capitol might not be respectful toward Nixon, who resigned from the office.

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