Michelle Obama Could Beat Trump 2020

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Watching Michelle Obama on her book tour it became crystal clear to me that this person could crush Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The contrast would be powerful. The best way to beat Trump is to stand somebody next to him that is the mirror opposite of him. If the Democrat Party puts in a bomb thrower to get in the mud with the president, it will lose. However, like Michelle says, “We go high,” then the Democrat Party can run away with the election with a succinct victory if she runs and takes her own advice. Michelle’s words are the greatest solution when it comes to contrasting class side by side with vulgarity.

It was a big joke in 2016 that Trump had no path to 270 in the Electoral College, while he made it to over 300 shockingly. But this time around I do not see a path to 270 no matter who runs against him. The way I see it is that the president barely made it over the line in the 2016 election. The margin was so small that he would have to expand his attraction and support to hold on for reelection. I don’t have to tell you that the man has done the exact opposite. President Trump has shrunk his base by chasing away suburban women and original populist supporters. I would like someone to show me a path to reelection for the man, since in the midterms the blue wall in the midwest went back to the Democrat Party. How does he flip that back constantly acting like an ignoramus and an unstoppable liar?

Michelle Obama could and should be America’s first female president. It would be fun watching her husband create the role of the first man in the White House. Watching Michelle Obama’s interview with Robin Roberts made me yearn for the days of decency and true patriotism. Since it has been clear that Michelle does not like certain aspects of politics, we as a nation, need to recruit her for this monumental task. We need her to run for many reasons but first and foremost, she can beat that liar who resides in the People’s House.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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