Matt Whitaker Time To End Mueller Probe Or Move On

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Matt Whitaker Time To End Mueller Probe Or Move On

Matt Whitaker has one job and one job only, end the special counsel’s probe, period. We all know that the president lied when he said he picked Whitaker without ever knowing what he said about Robert Mueller’s investigation. This is one Trump lie I understand. The president just can’t say it out loud, but it is clear what he wants with this pick for acting Attorney General.

Jeff Sessions failed the president and allowed this illegal investigation to carry on. That is why Jeff is gone and Matt is there as his replacement. If Matt wilts under the pressure of the Democrats and their branch the mainstream press, then Matt will never get the permanent job. Whitaker has a chance here to get the position, but he must show courage first. Matt must stand up to the noise.

There are many reasons to get rid of this never-ending, off the rails and illegal investigation. Above all, the investigation started based on false information provided to the FISA court. Every single thing that bore out from that is fruit from the poisonous tree. It needs to end as not to reward the Democrats for spying on the other party’s campaign. If the left was able to get away with this, well, this kind of thing would never end.

The inability to end this madness or hold any Democrat responsible for shady behavior has been breathtaking. It has been so long since any accountability has touched national Democrats. Eight years of Obama and now two years of Trump, the nation has just gone through a decade in which so many powerful people live above the law. I am no partisan, I supported Bernie Sanders and then Donald Trump for the 2016 election cycle. I have no political home, both parties have failed us, both are corrupt. It was the Populist Movement, whether left or right, that spoke to me. However, watching zero accountability when it comes to such obvious malfeasance, well, that speaks to me too.

C. Rich
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