Hypocrisy: Hillary’s Travel Office Firings Vs. Melania’s Firing

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Hypocrisy: Hillary's Travel Office Firings Vs. Melania's Firing

The hypocrisy of the Republican Party knows no bounds. Take a minute to juxtapose the Republican’s reaction to when Hillary Clinton fired people in the White House Travel Office and Melania Trump’s firing of national security official Mira Ricardel. When Hillary did it back in the day, it was a huge scandal, you remember, the right even called it Travelgate.

The Republicans lost their collective minds screaming that Mrs. Clinton had no legal authority to fire anyone in the White House. They screamed from the mountaintops that the First Lady had no constitutional authority to affect anyone’s employment outside of her own staff. Talk radio thundered over the airways, day after day, lamenting that the Clintons were acting as if they were a dual presidency.

Fast forward to today and nothing but crickets from the Republicans when Melania publicly calls for the firing of national security official Mira Ricardel and it happens. That is the problem with the Republican Party, they have no core, they believe in nothing. Why do I say that? Because when they claim to have a core belief, they will abandon it if the Democrat Party takes up the issue, or when they are in power.

This example with the current First Lady is just the latest, this has been going on for decades now. The Heritage Foundation comes up with a conservative idea for healthcare by declaring we need a mandate for everyone to be forced to buy health insurance. Mitt Romney, then, the governor of Massachusetts, takes the mandate idea and runs with it in his state. Fast forward to President Obama and the entirety of the right refuses to come along with the same idea and calls it Obamacare and brands it as socialism.

You can go on and on with examples of Republican hypocrisy. Remember when during the Obama years, the right’s heads were exploding about how much money Obama was spending. You recall, he was bankrupting the nation with unpayable debt. Then, the right gets the White House back, and blows such a prodigious hole in our budget, that the crushing debt will destroy generations to come. I think you get my point here. But, if you have not, let me say it this way, you can’t believe a freaking word they say. The Republican Party is a disgusting group of political scamps and that we should never even put them in charge of a hot dog stand, let alone, our government. Is that succinct enough for ya?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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