First Generation X Supreme Court Nominee

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First Generation X Supreme Court Nominee

Generation X are people born from 1961-1981 and we now have our very first nominee for the nation’s highest court come from Gen-X. As of now, the Baby Boomer Generation has had complete control of the court and they had it for quite some time. Like everything the Boomers destroyed, they are handing my generation a completely dysfunctional and politicized court. The Baby Boomers will not stop destroying everything in their path and everything they touch, the Supreme Court is no different.

Whether it is bankrupting our nation with unpayable debt or destroying every single American institution, the Boomers will not stop until they leave the Earth in complete shambles. Now, the Boomer yoke is dripping down the face of the nominating process for the nation’s highest court. Last week’s spectacle reminds us of the true and everlasting damage the Boomer Generation has left. I’m afraid until the very last Baby Boomer leaves this Earth, this circus will not end.

Let’s make something very clear, if you are going to judge Generation X for our drinking and other behaviors in the 1980s, then none of us will be allowed to ascend to high positions in government or any other place. We drank, we drank a lot, it was a different time back then. Our generation remembers a time when the drinking age was 18. Gen-X also remembers when the drinking age got raised to 19 and then 21 and how unfair we thought that was. All these years later, data shows us, that change in the law and culture did not have a positive effect on our country. In fact, it created a new phenomenon of binge drinking in college where countless people died from alcohol poisoning. This is still going on today.

If you want to know how free, open, and wonderful it was to grow up Gen-X, go look at the Van Halen video “Hot For Teacher” that was playing on our TV screens all day, every day. Go look at that video and see what the climate was like back then. We grew up aspiring to movies like Animal House, Porky’s and Fast Times At Ridgemont High. We did not grow up on Father’s Knows Best, although we could see it in reruns, we knew our world and our freedom was measurably different.

Our generation was the one hit with the Crack Epidemic, and to be an epidemic, there had to be a lot of us participating. But decades later, you have a generation that got through all that and became productive members of society. As I wrote in the book The Misers Of Miramar:

“The world was so different for us, yet we did not grow up to be monsters. Somehow with all that freedom, we found our way. This was the era where the first internet domain was registered. We had no understanding of what the internet was and where it would take us. We had no understanding of this new disease called AIDS when it was revealed Rock Hudson was dying from it. Our generation came of age sexually at the same time AIDS took off. We have never known a world without consideration of that deadly disease when it came to being sexually active. Together as a generation, we walked hand in hand into a brave new world. Collectively and individually without thought, we became Generation X. Without knowing it, we were The Last Generation of Freedom.”

Things were so different back then. Try to imagine, just for a second, a public school in America now that has its own smoking lounge, not for the staff, but for the students. Our high school had a smoking lounge right in front of the school. Parents, staff and students alike would have to drive past the student’s smoking lounge to get onto the property. Just imagine today the sight of the children’s smoking lounge with kids just puffing away on cigarettes as you dropped your kid off for school. It seems so unthinkable now, but that was the world we grew up in. That was the norm.

So you cannot go back to a different time in America and apply today’s political correctness to it. I know there has been a trend to rewrite history and ban Mark Twain books that used the N-word. There has been a propensity to rewrite school history books and tailor it to today morays, but this movement, and yes I call it a movement, is an anathema to America and freedom itself. This is what the Boomers are putting Judge Brett Kavanaugh through. So even though I do not want this man on the Supreme court, I don’t want this process or the Boomers to prevail even more. I don’t want these rapscallions rewarded for this assault on common sense and my generation.

C. Rich
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