Mass Murder Millennials

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Mass Murder Millennials

If you look at the most recent mass murders you will more likely than not see a Millennial behind the trigger of the gun. Why is that? What is so wrong with this generation that they would behave this way? What the hell is wrong with these people? We have a very problematic generation that is hell-bent on mass murder. Does anyone know what the hell to do about this?

My personal interaction with this generation has not been good. I find them to be crushingly ignorant on more subjects than you would believe. I find them to be a selfish bunch, whose groupthink is beyond frightening. They are not like any other generation I have ever dealt with. They seem to me to be so disconnected from the observable reality that I feel it is a waste of time to engage them. From my experience, they will not take any advice on much of anything and of course, that is to their detriment.

It is a generation that is parting ways with capitalism. They are a generation that is straying from America’s democratic republic and its values. Socialism seems to be their future. There are so many of them as a population, that in time, they will, in fact, change America fundamentally. They have no concept of the old world. They know nothing from the pre 9/11 country and the freedoms we lost. They have spent their entire lives living under the giant surveillance state the Baby Boomers built up. They will never know the freedom that Generation X grew up under.

There are too many Millennials who think it is perfectly fine to shoot up a school or a church or wherever they put their bloodthirsty gaze towards. There is a significant number of bad people in that generation. I don’t have any answers or how to solve this situation or guide them towards a better path. In truth, I just try to stay away from them. They are not nice.

C. Rich
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