Japan Is Unlike Any Other Country In The World

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Japan has to be one of the most unique and ingenious countries in the world and these amazing photos prove it. Here are photos that prove Japan is unlike any other country you’ve ever seen.

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For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: hello@beamazed.com Be Amazed at these Photos That Prove Japan Is Unlike Any Other Country! To start things off, is a photo that shows how the perfect protest is done. This next photo is a can that has Braille on top for blind people to read. …a baby seat attached to the walls of a bathroom! Well, what if you want to make your bathroom experience a little more…interactive?

Speaking of babies, this next photo perfectly captures how Japan takes care of the mothers who birthed them! Next up – how Japan is not only considerate to its people but also for nature’s resources! Japan’s courtesy doesn’t end there! One tourist left their shopping bag on the streets of Osaka and decided to come back for it the next day. Another thing you’ll rarely find around the globe are Japan’s bullet trains. If bullet trains get you uneasy, how about relaxing yourself with a footbath in the Toreiyu Tsubasa Train? And just when you thought the trains of Japan couldn’t get any cooler, they created seats that can rotate in any direction!

In another case involving a train, this photo captures how Japanese people are willing to come together for a common goal. In this last case involving a train, it’s definitely one thing you’ve probably never heard of. Of course there are certain acts that you’d prefer to keep to yourself, such as…pooping and what’s amazing is that Japan also takes this into consideration when making their toilets! Having an umbrella is a necessity in almost any country that experiences rain and Japan has its fair share. Not only do the Japanese welcome you with origami at the airport but the airport staff make sure your stay in Japan is smooth and it all starts with your luggage. The Japanese are serious when it comes to their art and craftsmanship and this extends to their manholes. Yes, their manholes. A more concrete example of how orderly the Japanese are is how they line up for the train and how they use the escalator! Japan’s culture is diverse and this can be seen in how they greet each other.

This Next photo clearly shows once again how organized the Japanese are. Need more proof as to how clean Japan is? Well, if finding Koi fish in the drainage channels of Japan isn’t enough, I don’t know what is. The Japanese also extend this culture of cleanliness to tourists, as they offer them a smartphone wiper dispenser. Here’s a trademark of Japan. Their Sakura trees also known as cherry blossoms!

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