Bill Cosby Will Be A Star In Prison

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Bill Cosby Will Be A Star In Prison

America’s dad is had. I was shocked that Bill got sentenced to prison. I thought he’s just too rich to go to prison. Nine out of ten times that kind of fame and money gets a whole different result. It is a two-tier system, one for the rich, and one for the rest of us. However, this time none of that saved Cosby. We do not see that happen too often. In federal court, the rich have more of a chance of going to prison. But state prison and state courts, usually the rich prevail.

Make no mistake about it, Bill Cosby will be a star in any prison. His fellow inmates will be treated to his stand up comedy for years. He’ll do shows for the inmates and the warden will probably ask him to do shows around holidays as a way to keep everyone inside complaisant. That is how prison works, whatever your skill set is, the system utilizes those skills. If you’re a chef, they put you in the chow hall. If you are a carpenter you will build furniture or whatever, there is a job for you in prison.

To think that I drove hours to go to one of his stand-ups many years ago. It was a great show. He sat on a chair and just told jokes. He had me crying due to laughing so hard. The man is one of the best stand up comedians of all times. Of course, that was years ago and well before any of this broke about him. I watched every episode of The Cosby Show and had his comedy albums. As a Gen-Xer, Cosby was a big part of our lives.

The whole thing is kind of surreal and it will be for the inmates in whatever prison he goes to. Try to imagine what it would be like to do time with Bill Cosby. If Bill makes it through all of this, I bet he’ll be back on the comedy circuit doing shows will all new material from his time in prison. As far as what he was into, that is a real strange kink. I can’t wrap my mind around why that would be tantalizing to him. It is just so strange. But truth to be told, I’d pay to see him tell jokes again. That’s the rub. I’m sure I am not alone. The old man is funny.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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