Where Is The Political Will To Break Up The Banks?

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Where Is The Political Will To Break Up The Banks?

After all of this time has passed since the banks nearly destroyed America in 2008-2009, there is still no political will to bust up these big banks and make them smaller and less dangerous. Even after the Banksters robbed the national Treasury and paid themselves record bonuses within a year, there still is no will among the politicians in Washington to break up the mammoth banks. Not even after Wells Fargo got caught opening credit cards up in their clients’ names without their permission and committed identity fraud, still no will to take on the banks.

Washington could have no clearer evidence that they are bought and paid for by the Banksters on Wall Street. I remember hearing at the time Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner tell The Morning Joe that the Great Depression, back in the day, was caused by a run on small banks, as his justification for keeping “Too Big To Fail” in place. These scamps have no shame.

The American Dream is dead and freedom only exists within the peaks and valleys of the whims of Wall Street. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Where is the massive protest in the streets? Where is the voice of the victims of this heist in the mainstream media? Why are we putting up with this and why are people spending time with Republican-Democrat, liberal-conservative while our future is being mortgaged?

We, as a nation, broke up Ma-Bell’s Phone company, US Steel and separated accountants from the yoke of the evil investors, but somehow we leave the banks in place? Every representation of these financial laws falls short of breaking up the banks and leaves the taxpayer bent over waiting for its next violent rape.

No matter what you hear when any president says about how he will handle Wall Street, know one thing and one thing only. They leave “Too Big To Fail” in place. Anyone who thinks the government won’t bail these banks out again has rocks in his head. Without breaking these banks up, they will still be “Too Big To Fail” and your kids will know the pain of a Wall Street Gang Rape one day. It will become as traditional as Thanksgiving Dinner. All we are doing is passing the gravy.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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