Tariffs Explode U.S. Military Spending

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Tariffs Explode U.S. Military Spending

Just when the military gets its seven-hundred-billion dollar plus windfall, President Trump raised the cost of steel and aluminum. Now how does that makes sense? Well, it doesn’t. It is ignorant and the money that is going down the drain due to it is profound. More to the point, we are going to get less for our tax money. Trump just lit that money on fire.

Forget the fact that the military industrial complex has the people of this country trained to accept as normal, this kind of military spending. The neverending, woe is me, we are so depleted mantra from the military is sickening to behold over my lifetime, it is never enough for them. Where the hell did all that money go over the decades? Where? The cuts under the Obama era so depleted everything? Well, how did that happen? Who was watching the till? Well, I’ll tell you who, nobody.

America spends more money on everything from education, healthcare to the military than the rest of the world, yet we are never number one or even in the top ten for most things. Of course, you are always told about American exceptionalism and how we are the best at everything until you go look it up and see we’re not.

Do you realize that they are taking half of the tax money they collected and are giving it to the military? Do you apperceive that we are doing it again next year? Do you understand that we give them half the money and then have to pay for EVERYTHING ELSE with the other half? They tell you over and over why we have to cut social and domestic programs. They get most of the money so they can keep up endless war.

Forget all of those axioms and just ask yourself, why on earth would we make steel and aluminum more expensive right before we give them the money to buy ships, tanks and all of the other stuff they are going to purchase? We can’t stop the fact that the military will receive 1.4 Billion dollars over the next two years. Is it too much to ask our businessman president not to make what they are going to buy more expensive?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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