McCain’s Thumbs Down Saved Healthcare For Millions

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Every Trump rally the president does not miss a chance to complain about McCain giving the thumbs down for Repeal and Replace of Obamacare. What the president seems self-unaware of, is what his complaining actually means. If McCain would have given that thumbs up, nearly thirty million people would have been thrown off their healthcare through Medicaid.

Ironically, the vast majority of those tens of millions of people are Trump supporters, they are the working class, poor people. The same supporters that watched, then candidate, Trump promise that he would cover every single person with healthcare. In fact, Trump said it over and over again when running for president. He said he knew that the Republicans would not like it, but he was going to do it anyway. He even said that he would work out deals with the nation’s hospitals to cover everyone if he had to.

Shockingly, the president tried and begged to sign a Republican health care bill that would wipe out tens of millions of people. You see, things like this are why I am a former Trump supporter. The man ran as a Populist and is governing like a strict conservative. You do not have to go back too far to see that conservatism has already failed this nation, just study the economic crash of 2008. Conservatism is a loser. Really, minus the tariff situation, the president has governed very conservatively. Why, when the party rejected sixteen other conservatives and went with a Populist in the Republican Primary, would Trump then give the nation conservatism on steroids? It is a betrayal on a grand stage. It was a knife in the back of working people across this country.

Now, I am no fan of John McCain. I am in awe of his military service, but I did not like McCain the man or McCain the politician. I thought he was very damaging to American political discourse and his policies were horrible. However, McCain’s swan song was saving the healthcare of thirty million poor people. Now that is a legacy worth hanging his hat on. That is something the McCain family can be proud of. As for President Trump, well, not to much to be proud of there.

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