Is Hope Hicks An FBI Undercover Informant?

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Hope Hicks has resurfaced in the inner circle of the Trump Family. Does the Trump family have a blind eye when it comes to Hope? Letting Hicks come back to the inner sanctum of presidential power is a risk that might come back to bite the president. Let’s not forget what happened with Hope. The woman goes to answer questions from investigators and within twenty-four hours she quits her job and leaves the White House right away.

Now I don’t know what they told her or what she heard, but she took off like a rabbit afterward. One can only imagine what scared her or what she saw. It is absolutely possible, if not probable, that the FBI sent her back in with a wire. This practice really is commonplace and not far-fetched at all. I would have never let her near the Trump family until this Mueller thing blew over. It is shocking they let her back in. More than that, it is stupid. Say what you want about Hope Hicks, but this scenario is within the realm of possibility. It seems like a huge risk is being taken here by the family that is unwise.

Now, I don’t know if Hope is an informant now or if they flipped her, but there is no way President Trump should take a risk like that. Having seen and dealt with the FBI up close, I surely know how dirty they can be. From my personal experience with them, I see Hope as a possible snitch. The whole system is built on snitching. Through what is called a 5K or a Rule 35, the federal justice system is built on a machine of snitching and snitches. Both the 5K and the Rule 35 are ways people can knock time off their sentence, it is used every day. I’ve seen people turn on their grandmothers to get time knocked off their sentence or to get out of trouble.

If they remember how many spies the FBI had already sent into Trump world, one would have to ask the question here with Hope by default. Every week more and more information is coming out about how the highest levels of our government have and still are involved in a 21st Century American Coup. If they flipped Hope Hicks, it is game over.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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