Why Getting Rid Of ICE Is Right-Wing

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My entire life, Republicans have talked about getting rid of this agency or that one. Scaling down government has been their lifelong lip service. Of course, when they get the power they never do it. In fact, they grow it and expand it. Here, we have a situation where the left is calling to get rid of a governmental agency and nothing but crickets from the right. It is even worse than that, the right is defending the agency. If that does not highlight the shifting or realigning of the parties I don’t know what does.

We don’t need ICE! We operated for hundreds of years without it. This is just another bloated agency that was created after 9/11. Like the Department of Homeland Security, ICE is just one more government bureaucracy that we don’t need. We keep creating more and more government. Here is a situation where we could finally get rid of an agency because the left is willing and because it is them calling for it; the right abandons its entire core belief system. This is why people hate politics and more to the point, politicians.

Republican hypocrisy has never been more on display. The party has no core anymore. Well, maybe that is worded to harsh, they do have a core when it comes to giving tax breaks to large corporations and rich people. But all of those calls on talk radio over decades about scaling down the size of government was a lie.

Here, they have the perfect opportunity to begin that process and the party balks. It is quite embarrassing and shameful to watch. Whether it is the Republican Party spending our nation into oblivion or refusing to get rid of an unneeded governmental agency, everything we were told about what it means to be right-wing was and is in fact spurious.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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