Trump Pulls Off the Impossible On Tariffs

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Trump Pulls Off the Impossible ON Tariffs

With news about Ivanka Trump closing down her business and Trump properties across the world taking a big hit with occupancy, it is clear the family ruined their brand. Just look what keeps happening to Trump’s Hollywood Star on that sidewalk, if you doubt it. By getting into politics, the family has destroyed their businesses. Now Trump’s brand is America.

Trump barely made it over the line to become president. Now, the only way he gets reelected is to truly turn this economy around and put it on the right path. All of the workers whose industries are being upset by his tariff debacles watched the European Union cave on tariffs and work towards zero tariffs on both sides. Whether it is the farmers, or the lobster industry or anyone who depends on steel and aluminum, they are being hurt due to Trump’s handling of the economy, temporary. These industries need to hang on and have a long view of things.

Trump’s goals on the economy are good goals. The president’s concern about trade imbalances is legitimate. The problem is not what he is trying to do, it is whether American industry will give him enough time to make a transformative change in trade. Everyone keeps telling him that tariffs don’t work and nowhere in history is there an example of it working, yet he pushes on down this economic path while making a success. GDP growth might see numbers we have not seen in decades or maybe ever.

It seems to me, every time someone tells President Trump he can’t do something, the man does it. I mean, you got to give it to this guy, he really is something else. I go back and forth with my support for this man, but if he fundamentally changes trade with the whole world or America is flying around 5% GDP then, I’d be nuts not to back the man.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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