Obama’s Legacy Completely Erased By Trump

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If Barack Obama could go back to that correspondent’s dinner that one famous night, he might want a do-over. In hindsight, Obama should have kept his mouth shut about Donald Trump. Instead, he mocked him and challenged Trump. If that never happened, then there would be no President Trump. If that never transpired, Obama would have had a legacy. However, Obama did say those things and now his legacy is completely wiped out.

When everything is said and done, there will be no evidence that Obama was even there, outside of a picture on the wall. All of what Obama did as president has been and is being completely dismantled and erased from the future and history itself. Obama was always a smug elitist and in the end, the smugness destroyed all of Obama’s legacy. Watching this transpire is a political orgasm for me and many others, I’m sure. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

Obama can do his crybaby routine on a stage in South Africa, but that is all he has left. Everything he accomplished is being blotted out off the face of the Earth. I guess Obama’s drop the mic moment on late night TV saying that at least he was a president and Trump would never be was ill-advised. The brother messed with the wrong old white guy. Now he will be remembered as the invisible president because there will be no proof he was even there.

If President Trump accomplishes nothing else, his presidency will be a success, because he rolled back all of the damage Obama did to this nation. For this feat alone, we owe Trump a big thank you. Now Obama knows what it is like when he said there would be a fundamental change that was coming to America. But I doubt this was the change the former president envisioned.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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