American Terrority Confiscates Guns And Ammo

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I thought the government was not coming for your guns? That is what gun control advocates had said for years. They just want some controls, but nobody is coming for your guns they would say. Well, folks that can not be said anymore, they came for the guns. The Governor of an American Territory signed an order to take away all the guns and ammo in the U.S. Virgin Islands during the Hurricane Irma crisis. That is correct; when an American citizen needs their guns the most, the government went after them.

Now, 2nd Amendment folks have been saying for years that they are coming for your guns and now it happened. The NRA was right and everyone has to admit that now. What is so shocking, besides the fact it happened, is that it was at a time that was so potentially fraught with danger and lawlessness. After an island is devastated by a major hurricane and at a time when law enforcement is shut down due to the storm, Americans need their guns more than ever.

Even Snopes, who is not a right-wing website, had to admit it is true. This will be the biggest propaganda piece in the history of the NRA. Just when many were trying to rein in this organization, this happens. There could be no bigger of a hit to gun control advocates than this. This is not only a setback, it is forever. For all of time, the NRA will be able to show you that it happened, when it happened and how it happened. This will never go away and maybe it shouldn’t.

So what will Congress do to address this? Will the House act? Will the Senate act? Will the Supreme Court do anything? Our Constitution protects us from this, yet it happened. So what are we as Americans gonna do about this? They even went after the ammo. This is huge, yet I hear almost nothing about this on the mainstream media. Please take the time to watch the video above and have Tucker Carlson explain this better than me.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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