Trump Rallies Have Become Stale

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Trump Rallies Have Become Stale

One thing became abundantly clear Tuesday night at Trump’s latest rally, he needs new material. The president is no longer filling arenas; looking at that crowd there were plenty of empty seats. Standing up there on the stage saying and doing the same old stuff has run its course. You can feel it watching from home and you can see the lack of energy in the crowd.

Not even the “Lock her up” chant seems fun anymore. The man keeps telling the same stories over and over again like some senile grandpa going off at Thanksgiving dinner. Trump is not making news anymore out of these rallies. The only reason most people tuned in was to see him say something about Roseanne and her show getting canceled. I guess the handlers did not want him to go there, but it sure would have been nice if he did, at least he would have made some news. After embracing Roseanne in a previous rally, it seemed plausible that he might say something about it. It was a letdown.

In fact, the rallies have become nothing but a letdown. It does not seem that the president has caught on to this at all. The energy is lost. When nothing new comes from these rallies, it seems hard to understand why he even does them anymore. I know he feeds off the crowd’s energy, but there was no energy and nothing to feed on. For a man who is known for chaos, things are getting pretty boring at his rallies.

Maybe it is time for the president to hire some new writers to come up with a new schtick. Maybe bring in some comedy writers. Trump does well with self-deprecation and he needs to go there more, wear that more. It humanizes him and when he does it people smile. In the end, it is time to reboot your rallies, Mr. President. They are not fun anymore.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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