Time For Firings and Pardons Mr. President

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After reading the Inspector General’s report and watching two days of hearings on this, now is the time for action Mr. President. It is time to fire Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and a bunch more people at the Justice Department and the FBI. It is also time to pardon every single person that was associated with your campaign and get Paul Manafort out of jail now.

It is simple, it is called fruits from the poisonous tree. Everything needs to be wiped clean because it all stemmed from the FISA abuse and lack of candor to the FISA courts. Anything and everything that followed that crime against the court has to be dropped. In layman terms, it is all rotten from the core. No more time needs to transpire, no more information needs to surface and Paul does not need another night in jail.

This horror show of watching the system clear Hillary Clinton and giving immunity to all her people, while at the same time destroying the lives of everyone around your campaign needs to be remedied. People have had their lives ruined because they tried to help you become president. You can not allow this to stand. You can’t allow this to happen to any of your people. Whoever is giving you the advice to wait, needs to go sleep with Paul Manafort tonight and then come back to you and tell you to wait.

They were trying to get Paul for over a decade and they used you to get to him. Your own personal lawyer needs your help Mr. President and he needs it now. The imbalance here between the two side is untenable and you have the power to right these wrongs. I don’t care what these people did, the Feds went after them the wrong way. They destroy Mike Flynn for so-called lying, while the highest officials in our government have been caught lying and nothing happens to them. Comey investigates Clinton for using private email, while at the same time, he is using private email himself?

You should pardon Anthony Weiner as well. If Clinton doesn’t go to jail then nobody should go to jail on her side. Every single person on either side that was crushed by the government in the 2016 presidential election needs to be pardoned. This criminalization of politics has to come to an end and you can not let this stand for more reasons than I care to write. Just do it sir and let the chips fall where they may. You need to show loyalty to the people who helped you. Complaining about it on Twitter is not enough sir.

It is time to use the presidential pardon and clean up this mess. It is time to officially shut down the Mueller probe. You have more than enough reasons and you now have more than enough political cover to do it. Despite whatever people around you are saying. Millions of people will not support you for your reelection if you sit by and let those people who were on your side dangle in the wind. Mark my words, if you don’t, it will be your reelection desires that will be dangling in the wind in the end. Three words, loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. It is a two-way street, Mr. President.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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