Mueller Still There After 4 Month Old Memo Leaked

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Mueller Still There After 4 Month Old Memo Leaked

I don’t know if you read the nearly five-month-old leaked memo that was published in the New York Times this Saturday. If you did, then you know they have nothing on Trump. If you just heard about it through the news or through someone else’s lens, then you might have missed it. If you got a snippet on some tweet or just heard it in your ear from a distant TV, then you could have missed it.

Unless you actually read the twenty-page memo that was leaked to the New York Times, you are probably in the dark with this entire subject. Don’t listen to what other people say what the memo, read it for yourself. The reason I say this is because I do not see how it is humanly possible to read that and not realize that they have nothing on President Donald J. Trump. Nothing. No collusion, no obstruction and not a goddamn thing at all.

I can imagine how upsetting that would be to a Democrat or a Never Trumper and I do feel for them; they invested so much energy in believing. I apperceive that they will not face this evident truth and how they will intellectuality bury themselves in this mirage, but in the end, they will not be able to escape the truth. The FBI has nothing on Trump.

There will be no arrest. There will be no blue wave. There will be no impeachment. None of this is ever going to happen. Can you imagine how devastated millions of Trump haters are going to be? Some, I suspect, might even take their lives. Yes, it is that bad. There are these people out there that really believed in this nonsense. Mueller knew this when they read that leaked letter.

The fact that Mueller is still there churning and burning tells us that this is not about justice or Russians. It is about the fact that their team did not win the 2016 presidential election. They acted this same way when George W. Bush beat Al Gore in the year 2000. There is no difference here.

C. Rich
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Note from KB – Here’s a link to the Memo on the New York Times‘ website. Unfortunately, you can’t just read the memo without the bias of the Times’ reporter stepping all over it with annotations, but if you ignore the right hand column of annotations, then you can get the full letter HERE to read.

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