Kim Jong-un Asks America For Asylum In America

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Kim Jong-un has asked President Trump for asylum for him and twelve members of his family. In return, Kim Jong-un will sign a complete surrender ending the Korean War. The dictator will bring his family to America and start a new life. Kim Jong-un is turning over North Korea to South Korea for reunification of the peninsula and turning over complete control to the South.

America will give Kim and his family two billions dollars to find a home in America and start a new life. The U.S. has guaranteed Kim’s safety and has promised to partner with Disney World to close down the park for one full weekend for Kim’s family. In addition, Kim will be fast tracked into a Chick-fil-A franchise and will be allowed six different locations in Oklahoma.

America has promised to bring home our troops from the DMZ and throw a parade for the end of the Korean War this Labor Day. The parade is expected to be partly financed by both Disney World and Chick-fil-A, respectively. President Trump is expecting to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and now Mexico has agreed to pay for the border wall. Change is in the air and for once it looks like good change. All thanks to President Trump and his high pressure campaigns across the globe.

Now it is time to talk seriously. Wouldn’t it be great if all of that happened? A safer more prosperous world all due to the actions of a lunatic president. Admit it, you thought this article was real. And the reason why that is possible to possibly believe that, is because of President Trump. The fact that you could have thought this was true for even a second, means it could manifest itself one day. It is not so out of the realm of possibility as we might think.

C. Rich
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