Anthony Bourdain Was The Most Interesting Man In The World

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Watching these last few Parts Unknown on CNN with Anthony before he whacked himself has been reflective. Looking back at his life, he was the real-life character in the Dos Equis commercials with the most interesting man in the world. In real life, I can’t think of anyone more interesting. I was shocked to see how much this world traveler meant to me after his death. Who is going to show me the world like he did? Well, the answer is nobody, not a single person can do what he did, how he did.

However, somebody has to try. I think the best thing we can do to celebrate Anthony’s life is to continue the show Parts Unknown and pass the hostship on from time to time. Yes, I believe keeping that show alive would be the best memorial to Anthony in the end. I don’t want to lose that connection to the world. It truly is the best thing CNN does, so it should or must go on.

Like James Bond or Dr. Who, we can change out hosts for Parts Unknown and keep seeing the world through food. The first person to replace Anthony would have the toughest job, but afterward, it would get easier and easier. After years, we could sit back and compare all of the Parts Unknown hosts and rate the best ones.

David Chang came to mind for being the first one, but then I read he struggles with depression and has gone to a shrink for fifteen years. If that is true, we don’t need another suicide on Parts Unknown. The show should not be a vessel for chefs to off themselves. That is not what I am talking about, as far as keeping the show going. So, I don’t know who should be first, but someone needs to be. We need to keep that show going. I hope CNN apperceives this, I do.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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