To Believe or Not Believe That is the Question

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E.T or better know as extraterrestrials and U.F.O.’s have been mystifying humans for centuries. There are even university courses and government labs dedicated to follow-ups and studying of these very things. Is it out of the question to think we are not alone in this universe or are we? The question that has stumped many before us and was part of the basis for the quest to reach the moon. The space program was launched and since we have put a man on the moon, built telescopes, space stations and even sent many satellites into space and modern technology has provided us with data and picture we otherwise would never have seen of objects and planets in space. But we still have yet to prove scientifically that there is other life in the universe.

Many societies believe in their form or versions of god. They have never seen, touched, smelled, or even dined with them and yet they believe in them. So why do we criticize those who speak of UFO’s or aliens as if they are crazy or not all there? Even though we have not touched, seen or smelled an alien or UFO does not necessarily mean they do not exist. Is it because of the far-out stories they tell or maybe it is because Hollywood movie makers ran with our fears and we have now come to look on the possibilities of aliens as a threat or phenomenon that we just do not want to face. Has Hollywood’s versions of these very things hindered our abilities to be opened minded? Have they closed our minds and instilled fear of the unknown?

On my quest to seek answers I came across a website, and with great skepticism, I read a very interesting story written by Win Dovery – about a sighting in 1908.

It was a beautiful evening in later summer and after supper we had all gone for a walk down to the river and, as it was quite dark coming home, I ran on ahead of the others to shut the chicken-yard door (lots of mink and ‘coons around so it had to be tight) which was well out of sight of the others.

As I was about to shut the door the whole opening was filled with a flash of very bright light. I jumped back stunned, my eyes on the light. It rose on an angle to about 30 feet, judging by trees in the background, and then it changed to a dark mass with a cluster of red, blue and green lights on it, not bright enough to cast a glow. And then in a changed direction, it moved quite slowly for maybe 200 or 300 feet and just disappeared. There was no sound or heat that I remember.

I was absolutely in a panic. I ran into the dark house and lay down on the floor under a window so the thing couldn’t see me, I suppose – but that’s panic!


1938 sighting: – Leonard Lamoureux, age 21 was on leave from the Army when he visited Vancouver City Hall to view and photograph the Christmas light display. Along with him was his brother Wilfred.

The two were suddenly astounded to see a “bright, bright blue light” drop straight down from the sky. It became larger as it did so and they were able to observe the source of the light as an object that Leonard described as “two saucers” open ends facing each other, glowing bright blue. The object then moved “dead straight” horizontally across the sky. When it just appeared to clear the flagpole on the roof of the City Hall it came to an almost dead stop and Leonard clicked the shutter on the camera. The object then shot straight back up into the sky. “They never saw anything fly so fast!” This scared them to death and they ran from the scene. The object made no sound.

Click here to read the rest of the story and see the photos.

These are just a few of the reports that can be found. Every year they receive thousands of reports of sightings.

So the next time you star gaze maybe you will see more than you bargained for and you will not be alone. Fact or fiction, I still do not know what I believe. Do you?

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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