The John McCain Offended Jamboree Rolls On

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The press is back to their worship of John McCain once again. The press and its adulation of John resemble Flu Season. Depending on what year it is will affect the transmission of this condition. If it falls on a year where McCain is the Republican Nominee for President, well then, this condition of worshiping everything McCain goes away. Of course, once the press destroys his chances and he loses, then they go back to their desirousness while encouraging John to be a stone in the Republican Party’s shoe.

John McCain has been disliked by the majority of the Republican Party for nearly half of my life. This is no secret to most people. Millions were disgusted he even got the nomination of the party and how he lost to Obama. The most annoying thing when it comes to John McCain and the press is how they equate John’s military service to his political career as if they are one in the same; they are not. We can hold two thoughts in our mind at the same time. One thought, thank you for your service in the military John and we were sorry you went through all that. The second thought is John’s military service does not give John carte blanche to inundate America with all of his harmful policies and the damage they do to this nation.

I already wrote a blog about the harmful effect John McCain had on our politics over the years.  In truth, I could write an entire book about it. But my and others disdain for John McCain is over his policies. Our off-putting opinions on John is not related to his military service. We do not disrespect prisoners of war when we weigh in on John’s latest political fiasco.

I hate cancer and am sorry that one in three people on this Earth will die from it. However, these politicians that go up to Washington D.C. and spend their entire lives up there make me sick. No, not as sick as cancer would be for me, but it is a close second. John McCain and others are the poster child for term limits. Like Ted Kennedy and many others, these politicians cling on to power to their very last breath. So as the John McCain Offended Jamboree rolls on, let us not forget what is in fact, truly offensive.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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