The Fall Of George Will

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We are a long way from the days where writer George Will was taken seriously. Watching George spout his nonsensical worldviews on MSNBC, the home of fake news and a Democrat hotbed, makes us realize how mighty the giants fall. Yes, George was once a conservative stalwart that was respected in the Republican Party. Today he is a Never Trumper on the most hated network on the right. How sad is that?

George still writes in that style where he thunders down his grandiloquent omnipotence and makes it arduous for people to apperceive the axiomatic reality of his lexicon. But his rejection of populism and his clinging to a failed conservative ideology put George in the category of irrelevance. He is a long way from the days on The David Brinkley Show. He is the quintessential has-been. George remains self-unaware that his time has passed with all his beliefs of conservative governance.

George sits there lingering on the most odious cable news network unwilling to face how his conservative ideas failed us all. Sure, George will tell you that they did not do conservatism right. They all have their version of conservatism. We remember George W. Bush’s “Compassionate Conservatism” and how that flavor failed us as well. The people had enough of all that failure and rose up against it. One by one, Donald Trump dispatched sixteen conservatives in the Republican Party Primary and replaced it with a more responsive genre of politics, populism.

Every time President Trump tried conservative policies, they all failed. You’d think he too would learn this lesson. Watching Trump hitch his ride to that conservative healthcare plan to replace Obamacare is this case in point. The people do not want that crap anymore. There is a positive populism that comes closer to the wants and needs of the people. Until conservatives face this evident truth, there will be more government failures to come. Meanwhile, there sits George “Never Trumper” Will in his inappositeness. In the words of the most transformative president of our lifetime, SAD!

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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