Single Payer Healthcare The Socialist Boogeyman

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Single Payer Healthcare The Socialist Boogeyman

Boo! Is there a socialist boogeyman under my bed? Is there one hiding in my closet? I know he is here, where did he go? Wait a minute, wait just one cotton-picking minute! There is no such thing!

Well, there has certainly been a lot of talk about socialism in regards to our politics. I’ve even chimed in on this in the past. However, haven’t we all taken this a little too far? In truth, the concept of Medicare for all or a single-payer health program has gone off the cliff of reality-based critical thinking. The concept makes sense on so many levels for people and American Business that are shackled with the cost of healthcare for their employees. We need a one payer system.

I’ve seen many of the elderly in my family benefit over the years from Medicare but I never thought my grandmother was caught in some socialist net. Every social government program does not make America a socialist nation for heaven sake. Are these voices telling me that I’ve been living in a socialist country all this time but I didn’t know it? I’m a pretty bright guy, I can’t believe I missed that one.

I didn’t know that Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, Social Security, Workman’s Comp, Unemployment Benefits, Food Stamps, Social Security Disability, Section 8 Housing, CHIP and countless more social programs made America a socialist nation. I can’t believe I was mistaken. I thought that we intertwined these social programs in our capitalist society. I was under the illusion that all this time America was a free market based capitalist nation. I guess we were France after all. I don’t know how that got by me without noticing.

Well, it is either that or some obstreperous mouthpieces have created some boogeyman to scare people for their own loud mouth aspirations. Listen, there is no doubt the left of the political spectrum has some love affair with socialist nations in Europe, but if they shot every socialistic missile at our system of government; they still couldn’t destroy it.

Capitalism will always rise above these inferior forms of government every time. Even communist China is shaped by the forces of capitalism and will one day collapse under the superiority of the free market. Giving all Americans health care and finding a way to fund that, does not make us socialists. So America if you are laying in the dark, trembling from fear of the socialist boogeyman, just turn on the lamp of freedom and walk into the light. Walk with the biggest ghostbuster of them all. Walk with the truth. Do not be afraid.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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