Sex Slaves and Human Trafficking

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Sex Slaves and Human Trafficking

How many of you are aware that Human trafficking is actually a Global problem and Is considered One of today’s biggest human rights crises. The international trafficking of women, girls and Less apparent, boys into sex slavery Is a problem that Is increasing with every new year. Given its current growth rate, which is fuelled by its high profitability, low investigation rate, and low prosecution rate, human trafficking is expected to take over drug trafficking as the second largest criminal industry in the world within the next few decades. The number of people trafficked each year is estimated by most experts to be in the millions.

Sex trafficking is global and most victims come from all over the world. It is estimated 50,000 plus people are trafficked into the United States and Canada every year, most of whom are sold into prostitution. This practice has no nationality, race or religion because it does not matter to those that are responsible for the trafficking. South American girls will be trafficked into Canada under an “exotic dancer” visa and forced into prostitution. Desperate poor Romanian children will be used as sex slaves in the child pornography business, due to the popularity of the internet. The wealthy countries through their military, businessmen, tourists, and internet pornography subscribers, all of whom pay significantly more for the use of a sex slave, are what keeps this criminal industry extremely profitable for traffickers.

A human slave is sometimes bought for just a few dollars and then charged out for $200- $500 dollars or possibly sold for as little as a few thousand. Virgin girls will often fetch a high price in the sex slave trade and are often sent overseas or to the States and Canada to work as exotic dancers and prostitutes. Often massage parlors will employ these women and They will perform more than the traditional massage for clients. Often Johns/clients will refer to these places as ” RUB AND TUGS”.

These “rub and tug” often work under legitimate business licenses. They provide a service of massages. The victims are taught to never solicit the clients but to provide the service if they are requested. Collecting the funds as “tips for services”. These victims are told they are free to leave, but they do so with no support. A fear of death to family members back home or fear of being deported to face shame and humiliation are often used to make them feel obligated and trapped from leaving. The fear of no money, being in a foreign country and not understanding the language is another form of keeping them in the slavery situation. They also face mental and physical abuse. They will be charged outrages prices for food, lodgings, and clothing, that they build a debt of phenomenal proportions and have to stay working to pay off such debts. These businesses will often pay taxes and keep books with records of paychecks to the “victims” and yet the victims do not see the actual money due to the debts they owe. Often they are forced to cash the paychecks and then hand the money over to the employer or their “boss” depending on the situation.

Human trafficking does not just pertain to the sex trade. Slave labor is a growing problem. Men, women and mostly children are victims of this trade. Often working under personas known as International Employment Agencies of various names, they will run ads around the world offering everything from housekeepers to childcare workers. They offer you the chance to hire an employee for a fee you pay to the agency in return for the services requested. “The victims” are sent out as employee’s of the agencies and often will never see any money. Some will be hired out and will have to send their paychecks to the agency as a fee for employment resulting in high amounts of percentages allowing for the victims to only keep 10% or less. Barely enough to eat or sustain more than the necessities of life. In most cases, these employees fall prey to being abused in all forms. The victims of slavery are promised a better life and a chance to escape a life of poverty and dispair just to be indebted to the agency through fees and obligations that are set so high they never can manage to pay the debt off.


“The majority of human trafficking in the world takes the form of forced labor Also known as involuntary servitude, forced labor may result when unscrupulous employers take advantage of gaps in law enforcement to exploit vulnerable workers. These workers are made more vulnerable to forced labor practices because of high rates of unemployment, poverty, crime, discrimination, corruption, political conflict, and cultural acceptance of the practice. Immigrants are particularly vulnerable, but individuals are also forced into labor in their own countries. Female victims of forced or bonded labor, especially women and girls in domestic servitude, are often sexually exploited as well.

Forced labor is a form of human trafficking that is often harder to identify and estimate than sex trafficking. It may not involve the same criminal networks profiting from transnational sex trafficking. Instead, it may involve individuals who subject workers to involuntary servitude, perhaps through forced or coerced household or factory work”

Sweatshops and field workers are large forms of labor slaves. They are bought from one country for cheap from starving families or other traffickers and then placed in sweatshops and fields to work and the items are distributed throughout retail stores in countries like Canada and the United States. Unaware of where they came from we purchase these items and support the demand for slaves.

Quote from
Amnesty International:

“Human trade, slave markets, the buying and selling of people ‘ these are words and phrases that, to many people, echo a brutal and distant time in our past. But to the countless women, men, and children trafficked every year, these words coldly define the horror of their lives. Trafficking is a global phenomenon where victims are sexually exploited, forced into labor and subjected to abuse. Trafficking is a crime under international law that requires international cooperation to address.”

Educate yourself and Make A Difference. Please demand change and help in any way possible.

Human slavery is a Violation of HUMAN RIGHTS.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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