Mueller’s Probe Warning To Outsiders Who Seek Office

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Robert Mueller’s probe or investigation has many tentacles to it. Make no mistake about it, surveilling a presidential campaign of outsiders, says to non-government types, to stay away from government. The Trump government experience is a working political experiment on whether any outsider can actually come to Washington D.C. and change anything at all.

The nation and particularly Republican voters got tired of the same ole government hacks that were not responsive to the people needs and sent an earthquake (Trump) to the nation’s capital to shake things up. The Justice Department, The State Department, and the FBI all seemingly conspired to take Trump down. First, they wiped clean any legal problems Hillary Clinton had. They made sure the government’s email crimes were swept under the rug and that everyone around Clinton got immunity from prosecution. Then, they turned their sights on their so-called insurance policy, “The Russian Collusion Investigation.”

The FBI improperly used the FISA Court, from what we can tell, to get it all started and sent in an undercover informant into the Trump campaign as a mole. Soon everyone and anyone surrounding Donald Trump suddenly found themselves in legal trouble. One by one the Deep State takes people down all around the president and destroys their lives. Not even the president’s family was spared. Everyone was and still is a target.

Democrat voters, Hollywood, and the press hated Trump so deeply that they all turned their collective heads to the government who was and still is completely out of control. While the obvious crimes of government officials get ignored, the “insurance policy” trucks along day by day. Well, what does this say to outsiders? There is a clear message here; outsiders are not welcome. So the next billionaire, or the next businessman for that matter, wake up one day and decide he can fix our problems; they will all remember the insurance policy of the Deep State. The Mueller Probe is multifaceted and the message is clear to outsiders; stay the hell away.

* C. Rich
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