KB Electronics Model KBWC-15K (UR) Variable Speed Fan Control, Wall Mount, Rated 5.0 Amps @ 120 VAC for use with Shaded Pole and PSC Motors

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Price: $9.99

The KBWC Series are Wall Mount, AC Motor Fan Speed Controls packaged for resale if desired. They are designed for mounting into a 2″ X 4″ electrical wall box. They operate from 115/230/277VAC, 50/60 Hz and have a maximum rating from 2.5 – 15 Amps at ambient from 25° to 40ºC. They provide infinitely variable speed motor control for Shaded Pole, Permanent Split Capacitor and Universal (AC/DC) motors. The variable speed motor control contains an on/off line switch, a high gain RFI noise suppression filter, an adjustable trim pot to set the minimum speed and a flame retardant ABS enclosure. Applications include Ceiling Fans, Commercial Vent Hoods, Industrial Blowers, Laminar Flow Hoods, Heat Tunnels and Magnetic Stirrers.Fan speed control
For use with permanent split capacitor (psc) and split phase motors
Adjustable min voltage calibration

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