FBI To Affect Another American Election

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FBI To Affect Another American Election
FBI To Affect Another American Election

The FBI involved themselves into an American Election in 2016 and pretty much wrecked our democracy. Ever since they have hobbled an American President in a dramatic fashion. To this day, they still do not take ownership of anything and won’t even admit what they have done and what they are still doing. The FBI and other governmental agencies are still doing great damage to this nation.

Now we are facing midterm congressional elections that are just months away and the usual suspects are still at it. Do they think this investigation orgy is not going to affect people’s voting? Is that what they think? Well, it will. How will be the only question left, because having no effect after doing this to Republicans and the Presidents is not possible.  This thing has gone on so long that now our nation is facing another election that is being interfered with.

From the viewpoint of half of America, the Obama government spied on the Trump campaign. Why the other half of the nation turns their heads to this because it is their side is shameful. We can not sit by as citizens and allow our government to be completely out of control. We can not and should not allow President Obama to get away with all of this political weaponizing. Whether it is that of FISA abuse or the illegal unmasking of Americans, the people should not lay down for this criminality at the highest levels. Clapper and Comey are now getting rich selling books and telling lies about lies and we are supposed to just accept this?

Yes, we need to hold the IRS, State Department, Justice, and any other department accountable. However, in the end, this was all Obama. Now he off getting rich on Netflix and speaking fees. No doubt a book to come as well. Not a single news agency outside of Fox News is even asking questions about all of this. The political incestery is bold, in your face and stunning. So keep up the support of the people who are in the media and congress trying to shine a light on this. Let’s not give the FBI and others a third election to tamper with.

C. Rich
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