Defending The Electoral College

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Defending The Electoral College

What is so frightening is the fact that most people don’t even know what kind of government America is. People have been taught for so long that America is a democracy, that it has become part of civics classes in school. The word democracy doesn’t appear in The Constitution, The Bill of Rights or any of the fifty states’ constitutions, yet people believe this about their own nation. It wasn’t until Woodrow Wilson said this for the first time that we even thought of ourselves as a democracy.

In the past, even the word democrat was considered an insult. To call someone that, was to say that a person was into mob rule and had a mob mentality. The founding fathers did not set up a democracy and thought of that form of government as severely flawed. Still, even our own presidents in the modern age think we are a democracy and go around the world spreading and promoting this failed form of government.

One does not have to look too far to see the pernicious results of democracy. When in the George Bush years, all of these Middle East countries started having elections, the worst kind of people were put into office. A straight out democracy can put in power, whatever capricious wind carrying through the mob.

There is no better example of this when the terrorist group Hamas was voted into power by the mob. In an instant, democracy made a terrorist organization a legitimately elected government. Democracy had allowed Hugo Chavez to stay in power gobbling up all the country’s power and resources until he died. Now, look at Venezuela.

A straight out majority vote as a form of governing is a recipe for disaster. Even saying that America is a Jeffersonian form of democracy is a slippery slope. The founding fathers set up a “representative republic” and not a democracy. It is time that people researched what that really means.

It is time for people to apperceive how far we have truly drifted from our roots. It starts by picking up a book and doing some reading for once. It starts with you demanding that your representatives in this republic do the same. It is time to defend Democrat Party attacks on the Electoral College. Without it, all the big cities would determine who our president is and the rest of America would be left behind.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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