Conservative Values For Single Payer Healthcare

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Many people say we can’t have a one-payer government public health system. They tell us it is socialism. They say we would wait in line for healthcare like Canada and that the government would ration health care and people will die. All of this sounds very scary. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are these people and these voices saying that there is no way of doing government healthcare for all with a single payer system because Canada or parts of Europe couldn’t figure it out? If we put the entire country on Medicare and end the private health insurance industry once and for all, why does it have to be as bad as Canada? What else should we not do or try because Canada and Europe failed at it? Since when do we give these people the bar and make their efforts our measure on whether we can do something or not.

People, it all comes down to how we as a country spend our money on government. Don’t tell me that we can send all of this foreign aid to countries all over the world each year, but simply have no money to put everyone on Medicare and fund it. Somehow we find money for endless war. If that is what we truly want in this country, then don’t tell me we can’t figure it out. We are giving the military $1.4 Trillion in the next two years. That is half of the taxes collected, yet we have no money for our sick people?

Here is how you fund it. Go to every employer and find out how much they spend on healthcare a year. Drop the responsibility for healthcare that makes them uncompetitive and put their people on the public plan. Charge the business a tax equal to twenty-five percent of what they were spending each year on it.

If we want Americans to have a right to universal healthcare, we have a Medicare system already in place. Just fund it. If it is a priority than prioritize it and cut all this other nonsense the government is wasting money on. We can pay for healthcare through our tax system as part of being Americans. We just need to spend the tax revenues where they’ll work for what the public wants and needs.

Conservatives would gladly come aboard as they watch how this will help American business be competitive globally. Yes, I understand the Constitution does not mention Medicare but it’s worth it in exchange for the complete elimination of fifteen or twenty government agencies and departments. Less government, fiscal responsibility and we get a chance to show Canada and others how we do things here in America.

As long as the government keeps wasting our money on the black hole we call the Pentagon, I will never believe we couldn’t fund what our priorities are. We have to ask ourselves, what is it that we want for our money. Don’t give me universal healthcare for all without paying for it with the money the government already has. Never tell me a billion dollars to this country or that country is one of the reasons why we can’t insure everyone under one plan. There is no love fest for insurance companies that have been robbing us for years. I would say that eighty-five percent of these polls against Medicare for all are propaganda and should never be taken seriously.

If a health insurance company personally hasn’t screwed you, then we know many people who have been screwed. How many of us know people who don’t even have insurance, and each day we work side by side with them. I say that eighty-five percent of people say the government is full of crap. Just apply conservative values to the Medicare system and we can do it. Healthcare, in most minds, is not something that has worked well in the free market. People don’t look at healthcare like some free market thing like Amazon.

General Colin Powell was right. People are willing to pay for services for some things and healthcare is one of them. That might violate your Conservative mindset, however, it is true. It does not require Conservatives to believe it, for it to be true. Some things are just true whether some people see them that way or not.

I’m advocating for public healthcare. I just don’t agree with the reasons people use to be against it. I just know the current system is unsustainable. Just because Canada can’t tell the difference between ham and bacon doesn’t give me pause on America and its aspirations and what we can do.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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