Asian-American Support Triples For Trump

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With the successful release of all American hostages from North Korea don’t be surprised if you hear that Asian-American support triples for Trump. The reality on the ground never matches what the elites say in the press. Even after a mainstream media onslaught of negative coverage after Trump first speech after coming down the escalator in Trump Tower, Trump still outperformed Mitt Romney on the Latino vote.

The men that were saved from North Korea were Asian-American and that community takes notice of things like that. Trump seems to have a better relationship with Asian leaders around the world than he does with European ones. I would look to see a tremendous surge in the Asian-American vote when President Trump runs for his re-election. It might be a good idea for Trump to start visiting our Asian conclaves around America and do a listening tour.

Trump also famously told the black community,”What do you have to lose?” when he ran for president. If Trump does something about the water in Flint, Michigan and some other things, I would also look for a surge in the African-American votes as well. Now, you will never hear these realities expressed in the press. The media will only give voice to anti-Trump voices and even realities. So we’ll have to wait till 2020 to see this all pan out.

The truth is people on the left are so wrapped up in trying to impeach the guy, that nobody has bothered to even look for a candidate to run against him. I mean, just think about it, who can beat Trump? Who on Earth from the left is going to take him on? I can’t think of a single person that has a fighting chance. In fact, nobody on the left has bothered to even come up with a message or a platform. Meanwhile, unnoticed support for Trump rises in our minority communities.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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