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This year America Speaks Ink turns ten years old. Just a tad bit of history. America Speaks Ink was launched in November of 2008 just before the presidential election of John McCain and Barack Obama. Sarah Palin was in our lives and ASI even had “Vote for the Hot Chick” coffee mugs at the time. The website was launched in a German Newspaper Theme style and started as a political blog. Over time we expanded our focus to include American Pop Culture, Sports, Music, and we even covered the Casey Anthony Trial to name just some of subject matter. It was that trial and our cutting take on politics that built ASI up to a website of note that was being read on 5 continents and was being quoted by mainstream news media outlets.

America Speaks Ink is dedicated to the First Amendment and celebrates irreverent speech and opinions. A current events and political blog since 2008! We want to thank you for supporting America Speaks Ink and as always, please help us spread the word. It has been a privilege to be a blogger. Our blog has given our writers a public voice or platform. We have a place where we can comment on our thoughts and share with the whole world our opinions. There are countless countries out there where you do not have this freedom.

The internet itself made blogging possible and it was the bloggers that made it a viable platform. Regular people from all walks of life now have a voice and that is the privilege. The media elites who still cling onto their monopoly of speech and opinion are the only ones that dislike blogs and bloggers. Bloggers by nature are disruptors and for the people we disrupt, we’re a stone in their collective shoe. Many blogs have come and gone, but ASI is still here and we are proud of that. I’m proud of all our writers. They too apperceive that being a blogger is in fact a privilege. I love the work that they do, even if I disagree with this opinion or that opinion. For the hundreds of thousands of people that find their way to America Speaks Ink, we thank you and we want you to know that we take this privilege seriously.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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