Observing Gamer Nation

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Observing Gamer Nation
Observing Gamer Nation

I was there growing up at the birth of video games. It was my generation that went from pinball machines to video games. I remember the evolution of that Atari joystick with the one red button. Pacman, Defender, Asteroids and Donkey Kong just to name a few.

Back in the day, these games were things we played when it was raining outside. We much had rather been outside playing sports or going to the beach, than to spend a whole day inside playing these new games. Now fast-forward a few of generations and we have an entire subculture of young people that literally live for video games. They call themselves Gamers and they spend every waking moment playing these games.

From what I can see, a lot of these people have taken this to an entirely new level. These people are disconnected from the world that exists outside their games and have no social skills to speak of. They are so addicted to these games, that when they leave the house for anything, the entire time they are gone, they are just trying to get back home to play or they play it on their smartphones.

These people care less about having a job for the most part. Going to work would just cut into their gaming time. These people have fallen off the earth and have landed in some computer made up matrix that has no connection to the world that is passing them by. I’m not sure how this whole thing evolved into this, but it is quite disturbing to see this up close and in person.

The social, health and life implications of this lifestyle has not been recognized to its fullest yet. However, if these young people are the future, we have no future. There is no unplugging these people and they are already lost.

Someone needs to start some twelve-step program for Gamers and try to save these people. If you know anyone like this, like I do, try to keep these people away from your kids. I’d rather see your kids go to prison. At least prisoners get an hour of fresh air each day outside.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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