Manipulation: Beware Of Suspicious Syrian Video

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Manipulation: Beware Of Suspicious Syrian Video

Can you feel yourself being manipulated? Can you feel the country being fooled? So, Trump says he wants to leave Syria and all of a sudden another unverified tape surfaces of a chemical attack? Please. The same day they raid his lawyer’s office? The timing of all of this is the signature that it is us doing this. Ironically, there is one way to identify this video. The video has a signature. But the signature is our own. It is the timing of the video juxtaposed to Trump’s comments that tells you this is our video from the intelligence community to manipulate the president and to keep our footprint in the Middle East.

It is so succinct and obvious that this video is propaganda meant to force Trump to stay in Syria. I just hope he does not fall for it. However, the president falls for all sorts of things, so I am not gonna hold my breath. So, are we to believe that when Trump says we’ve gotten nothing from this and we are leaving, that at that moment Syria and Russia decide to do something to keep us there? And instead of Trump leaving, they do another chemical attack? People are such sheep. It looks like the Military Industrial Complex, the C.I.A and other usual suspects are up to their shenanigans once again.

President Trump said last week that he wants to get out of Syria and that we got nothing out of all of this war in the Middle East. Then, out of nowhere, a video surfaces of a chemical attack in Syria. Problem is nobody can verify what that video is, when it happened, and certainly who did what, if anything. But they took this unverified video and the Neocons headed by McCain and Graham start taunting our president to get more involved in Syria.

Senator McCain and Graham are always fueling endless war for America. They make me sick and they have done incredible harm to America, for a very long time now. Since 9/11 we have spent, by some estimates, seven trillion dollars in the desert. As of today, we got nothing, absolutely nothing out of this. We could have built America twice over but instead, our bridges back home are falling down and our infrastructure basks in decay.

Trump ran for president on ending the stupid endless wars. It was a big part of his Populist agenda and why I supported the guy. He needs to remember what he said and what he promised us. It is time to rebuild our nation and spend the money back here at home on us. We are tired of spending all our money over there rebuilding other nations that can’t even stand us.

I have not even mentioned the blood and death that spilled into the sands of the Middle East going on two decades now. Enough is enough, never again to also included endless wars pushed by the same manipulative faces of America’s government. The dynamic duo of the Senate should be defeated once and for all. We need to get out of the Middle East and realize we have much bigger challenges in Asia. Leave the losers of the 20th Century in the rearview mirror. Pay attention to the countries trying to win the 21st Century and let’s beat them.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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