Barbara Bush Has Gone Home To Die

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After multiple trips to the hospital over time, the Silver Fox is going home to die. Reports are everywhere on the internet that Barbara has refused any more medical attempts to extend her life. Barbara has gone home and will concentrate on comfort care now. This extraordinary woman has led a life like no other.

To not only be the wife of an American President but to also be a mom of an American President, puts the Silver Fox in her own category of an American woman. Known for her straight talk, Barbara Bush has carried herself in this world with class. As the matriarch of the Bush family, Barbara was the backbone of this American Dynasty. It really was incredible to follow over the decades.

I feel sorry for George H.W. Bush because I believe the man will be lost without her. A lot of the time in this kind of situation, the other spouse follows closely behind entering into death. George and Barbara, if nothing else, is a love story for the ages. Those two have been together for so long and from the outside looks like they were in love throughout the decades. George will be crushed when his wife passes and I think everyone knows that.

The one thing that kind of goes unspoken is the abject horror it will be for the entire Bush family if George H. W. passes away while Trump is president. Could you imagine that? Low-Energy Jeb having to deal with Trump at his own father’s funeral? What a nightmare for those people notwithstanding the loss itself. President Trump has pounded not just Jeb, but a constant attack on George W with complaints of the messes he left behind to clean up. If the sitting president speaks at the funeral of another president it always felt normal, but not this time. That would be must-watch TV. Maybe the family will just ban Trump from the funeral? Even that is a spectacle. As for Barbara Bush, a life well lived.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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